A successful real estate transaction

You may not care about todays subject or views.

However, all will agree, life is subject to consistant change. If not today possibly sometime in the future either for yourself a friend, or family member you may be in a position to help, because you took time to consider the following shared information. "DISCLOSURE IS BOSS" DISCLOSE  DISCLSOSE  DISCLOSE.

People need to be in a position where they can own their decicions, especially in a real estate transaction. The principal (Buyer or Seller) needs to be educated with an understanding about real estate subject matter to a degree that a written commitment can be established and honored.

My full time real estate career as a sales person (REALTOR) began in "1994". I have learned some things about people, human behavior and expectations; Important information to know about a potential client might be, What is their intent? What are their Desires, wants, needs?  i.e.  a) Is the the person conservative, liberal, open to change?  b) caring about self,family members,loved ones and their future?  c) want to live high for the moment, max out finances?  e) Investment, propose business, park money, have a place to live?

AS A BUYER OR SELLER WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW?   a) What you are buying or selling?.  b) Information about the property?.  c) Be in agreement about all aspects of the sale prior to selling or owning?  Absolutely, the seller will want to gain optimal value for their property and the buyer will want to obtain the very best value for their money. It is nice for all sides to express, the process was worth it and all are pleased with the outcome.



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